Excellent colour accuracy


Excellent Colour Accuracy

ISF Promatch® – computerised colour matching to over 500,000 shades, including BS, RAL, Pantone, NCS, DCD. Metallics, Pearlescents, Sparkles & Polychromatics also available.

Including British Standard, Pantone, RAL, DCD colours as well as all special formulations used by your company. It guarantees quick accurate colour matching time after time after time.

Formulations are approved for quality control by spectrophotometer in the ISF colour laboratory to a tight DE tolerance (Colour Standard). The system gives the flexibility to mix product in 1Lt, 5Lt or 25 Lt containers.

  • Data base of over 500,000 shades - including British Standard, RAL, DCD, Pantone and NCS is available on an EX STOCK basis.
  • ISF Promatch® will minimise stock levels, and ensure just-in-time delivery. On-site training is given to all operatives.
  • On-going assistance is provided by our Promatch® On Site Machine
  • Technical Support Team & Promatch® Help Desk.
  • ISF Promatch® gives you an up to the minute cost & usage audit report, allowing you to keep control of the colourants and bases that have been dispensed.

ISF Promatch® is available in several options:

  • Solvent based
  • Water-borne
  • Dye based concentrates (for woodstains)

'Promatch On-site ®' – the way to the future

(An example of the SAVINGS the system brings....)

Over a two-year period, we have invested heavily in this project. We truly believe that this is now our piece-de-resistance… giving our customers On-site colour whether it be in pigment or dye (woodstain) format. During an extensive period of market research we ask customers:

  • How many production hours are lost waiting for a matched colour to be delivered?
  • How many contracts are lost when prototype colours are not delivered on time?
  • How often was 5 lt. ordered when only 2 lt. was required?
  • What is the current value of un-usable colour match 'stock' in a company's paint store?

More and more of our clients are realising that the only COST EFFECTIVE answer to all these questions is to install a Promatch On-site ® machine. Already being used with great success at customers in the UK, we have machines running in most countries within the EEC and even as far a field as Thailand!

The benefits of this brilliant concept are now being recognised by all concerned. In addition to a reduction in the cost per litre of material, the customer has the benefit of over 500,000 shades being available on an EX-STOCK basis.

Any new shades are approved by our Colour Laboratory using a spectrophotometer to your required D.E. tolerance (however accurate you need us to be…..). Feel free to test us!  The formulation is then sent by email or fax. This can then be stored on the end-user's machine for future repeatable colour reproduction time after time after time…...

Andy Hamp
Head of ISF Promatch®

Promatch Machine